Privacy policy

All the customers browsing the Balthazar Yachting site can go through this section on utilizing, gathering, and sharing end-user material. Sharing of any confidential information related to clients with foreign bodies unless specifically mentioned in the agreement.  In the interest of making products and services outstanding and user-friendly, we acquire authentic user information. If not mentioned on the site, the terms mentioned in the cited policies are subjected to falling into the same line of conduct as our pre-mentioned Terms and Conditions. When you keep browsing our page after reading through the provisions, the user agrees to them.

Data Gathering and Disclosure

Specifically, all sort of information uploaded on the Balthazar Yachting webpage is stored under our sole supervision. The data congregated from the customers is entirely rooted in intentional participation and direct communication. The given privacy policy ensures the data uploaded will not be put through any violation such as safe from trading or renting to alien bodies. The data taken from the clients are intended to enhance the end-user experience in its totality. It helps in providing better replies to the customers. We guarantee complete non-disclosure and confidentiality of the particulars unless and until legally required. We only use the user’s contact details to send notifications. Except for if you specify otherwise, we might only reach you via email in the future to send updates on new offers, special services, improved products, or any amendments to existing privacy provisions.

Data Security

Customer-provided any sort of information on the Balthazar Yachting database will be safeguarded in light of strict protection protocols. Our priority is our client’s data security. We employ powerful security check mechanisms and high-tech gateways to keep all data safe.

Advertisement by Others

The ads popping up on our website are endorsed by the advertising partners with cookies installed on their computers. Every time the user browses those cookies, the advertisers will be identified, permitting them to collect non-personal identification data about the customer or any other person accessing the computer. This gathered data will prove helpful for the advertising partners to send updates aligning with the given statistics that will interest the customer. Advertisers’ usage of cookies is not covered by the policy.

Website Cookies

The cookies on our browser are used only to amplify the user experience to the fullest, but only with the end-user consent. These cookies permit us to know customer behavior and identify their needs for a more individualized approach. Users are allowed to change the cookies setting in their browser whenever required.


In changing circumstances, we will constantly be altering the site policies. We advise users to stay updated by punctually inspecting the segment for updates. After being uploaded to the website, the adjustments went into effect.
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